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Awakening faith and flourishing at the intersection of church and university

With 20 million undergraduates enrolled in universities across the United States, and more than 5,000 churches located within two miles of a college campus, the opportunity to change the world for the better has never been greater.


Is your church thriving?

In the face of complex societal pains of inequity, injustice, and supremacies, many institutions are withering - especially churches, universities and seminaries. It is no surprise then that the greatest age group participation gap in churches is among college aged young adults.


What is The Vinery?

Vinery (n): an area in which new vines are grown

  1. An initiative nurturing congregational thriving in ministry with their university neighbors; and

  2. A greenhouse for cultivating dynamic Learning Communities of university proximate congregations

We believe that when thriving churches and vibrant universities commit to partnering for the common good, the torn fabric of American life can begin to be rewoven by forming healthy human beings serving the common good in the likeness of Christ.


 Learn more and see if The Vinery is right for your congregation

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